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How To Scan For Missing Dll Files

Dll is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. DLL files may serve one or more applications, depending on what service is required of them. For instance, Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader may call the abcd.dll file to print a page.

Once the setup completes, restart your system and check to see if the error message goes away. If your PC is infected with malware, there could be additional DLL files that are interfering with the function of the old one. Use a good antivirus or at least scan your PC with the malware software and see if there is an infection that needs to be quarantined. So, your scanner might be looking in the wrong DLL file, and when it cannot access that, it throws the error. Try to update the driver of any third-party devices you are connecting with your PC. A user or a program has fixed an error in the current, shared.dll file.

  • Afterward, you can give access to it for all individual apps.
  • Of choice, then yes, you do need Antimalware Service Executable.

Click on Windows Security in the system tray found in the lower-right corner of your screen. Click on Virus & threat protection and on the next screen, click on Manage settings under Virus & threat protection. Whydo you want to disable Windows Defender? Did you notice your PC is slower withthe anti-virus software running in the background? Tell us more about yourexperience in the comments section below.

Thoughts On No-Hassle Products In Dll Files

As mentioned earlier, StartupCheckLibrary.dll can be infected by a virus and the antivirus program must have marked it as a threat & quarantined it. This would prevent the file from causing any further damage to your PC. If the StartupCheckLibrary.dll has indeed been quarantined, simply releasing it should do the trick. Although, before releasing, make sure that the .dll file is legitimate. Using Windows Defender, scan your computer for viruses and remove them immediately. You should have Windows Defender on your computer, but if for some reason you don’t have it, install a reliable antivirus to remove the virus. Once completed, restart your PC and try launching your program.

  • You can also right-click on the Windows logo Start button and choose the top choice Programs and Features.
  • Some of the AV products have a lighter footprint on system performance than others.
  • Windows 10 Home users won’t have access to the Group Policy Editor.
  • For that, you need to use the Registry Editor.

Once you’re done with the setup, restart your PC once and try running the program that was generating the error message. This is not the best option, but this will get you to the last point when your system was intact.

Simple Dll Products – An Intro

If this method didn’t help with the Windows 10 isDone.dll error, try the next method. Another way to go about solving this problem is by replacing both the isDone.dll and unArc.dll files. To execute this process, you will need to download both these dll files and replace the original files with the downloaded ones. Some of these tools areDetect-It-Easy, PEstudio, andCFF explorer, and the list goes on and on.

But to protect your computer from third-party and outside interference, Microsoft made sure that Windows Security settings are not turned off automatically. Protection against unwanted apps, files, and websites is also done with the help of other tools. Device security and App browser control are also essential.

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